Auto Assembly Pre-Order List

Hi everyone,

I’m opening 10 slots for single character portrait (b&w on A4 paper) (£15).

If you would like to commission, please send me an email to with subject “AA Commission” if possible. Payment by Paypal only and in advance please and you must attend Auto Assembly so you can pick up your commission.

I might be able to open more slots but, for now, I’m going for a safe number.


My old theme was pissing me off for months now.

WIPs for Auto Assembly prints soon! (after I’m done with MTMTE #32 colors)

Commissions breach! CLOSED

Dear followers,

I’m opening commissions for a short period of time since work calmed down temporarily. Among other projects, I’ve been coloring “GI Joe volume 3” for more than a year now and currently coloring “Magic the Gathering: Theros” comics so it has been pretty busy around here..!

I’ve 2 slots at the moment between here and deviantart. Let me know if you’re interested by sending a message. 

<3 Happy holidays!

edit: only one left!

edit: COMMISSIONS CLOSED! Thanks everyone, I will let you know once I’m available again (: .

Anonymous asked:

Your favorite Transformers character?

Megatron definitely, although I can count a lot of them that are close behind (like Starscream for example)… There isn’t anyone that I hate really (except for old TV G1 Hot Rod— friggin’ dammit).