Birthday messages!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! I get all cozy inside with all the messages I got yesterday — means a lot (even though I’m always super short in words, which I apologize, I was never very good at expressing myself in words) :) You guys are the best!


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Q: Can you also post the two splash pages of the DJD from mtmte 32?

I’m afraid not, anon. Only pages from the preview.

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Q: Can you post a clean page of the opening of MTMTE 32?

You ask it, you get it, anon!*

*exceptions may apply.

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Auto Assembly 2014 [wrap up]

Wow already a week since Auto Assembly, feels like yesterday and a year ago at the same time, does that make sense? Nostalgia apart, I had a great time there and it’s always a joy to meet everyone from friends, colleagues, staff and attendees — you are all fantastic! Thanks for everyone’s lovely presents (it overwhelms me every time) and kudos to the staff for their huge dedication (I admire your effort a lot).

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