Auto Assembly 2014 [wrap up]

Wow already a week since Auto Assembly, feels like yesterday and a year ago at the same time, does that make sense? Nostalgia apart, I had a great time there and it’s always a joy to meet everyone from friends, colleagues, staff and attendees — you are all fantastic! Thanks for everyone’s lovely presents (it overwhelms me every time) and kudos to the staff for their huge dedication (I admire your effort a lot).

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Auto Assembly Pre-Order List [update 2]


Thanks so much to those who commissioned <3

I will keep you posted if I’ll be able to take more orders before Auto Assembly, otherwise see you there! I will be making commissions on site, first come first served.

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Auto Assembly Pre-Order List [update 1]

Only 3 slots left!

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Q: Do you have any examples of the commissions youre offering at AA? I think that they'd be really useful in your post about them!

I totally agree but I’ve been trouble trying to find the photos I took at Botcon and I couldn’t wait any longer to release this info online since AA is not that far away. I’m going to do a sample artwork tomorrow to show how they will look like if I can’t find the photos until then.

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Auto Assembly Pre-Order List

Hi everyone,

I’m opening 10 slots for single character portrait (b&w on A4 paper) (£15).

If you would like to commission, please send me an email to with subject “AA Commission” if possible. Payment by Paypal only and in advance please and you must attend Auto Assembly so you can pick up your commission.

I might be able to open more slots but, for now, I’m going for a safe number.


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